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Wheel Alignment Equipment

Offering the very best Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Laser, 3d and 4d Wheel Alignment Technology

For All Your Wheel Alignment Needs

Providing the UK car and commercial vehicle industry with the very best premium wheel alignment equipment from Europe’s leading manufacturers.

Offering the very latest in Bluetooth, wi-fi laser, 3D and 4D wheel alignment technology for car, commercial and motorsport applications.

With over 30 years experience we pride ourselves on having the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you invest in the right wheel alignment system for your business.

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Add £40,000 A Year to Your Bottom Line for just £5 a Day!

The Work Generated By Just


Checks Per Day Can Generate
Extra Income Weekly


Extra Profit In A Year

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Free On-site Wheel Alignment Demonstration

With the ever-worsening state of our roads, NOW is the time to invest in a cast-iron certainty – wheels will always need aligning!

Yes, you read the above stats right. The work generated by just 5 free checks per day can generate an extra £1170 weekly, and will see payback on our best selling Bluetooth aligner in just 6 weeks – that’s £40,000 added to your bottom line in a year for just a fiver a day!

How does it work?

Offer your customers a FREE alignment check and in 90 seconds you will have a new prospect for extra profits:

  • Most cars will require front wheel adjustment
  • Nearly 60% will require rear wheel adjustment
  • Alignment checks often show other problems – worn ball joints, suspension arms, shock absorbers etc

With a Bluetooth Pro aligner, you can show the customer what needs to be done on the screen, and they can take a branded print out away with them. The equipment is impressive – professional evidence of the work that needs to be done.

It’s simple, Let us show you how.

Book a free no obligation demonstration and we will come to your premises and show you how its done. We would like to showcase in just 2 minutes how we can help you boost your turnover and turbocharge your profits. Caster and camber measurements in 90 seconds – full alignment check in 120. 

The demonstration process is simple. A member of our demonstration team will visit your premises, setup and demonstrate the premium 3D or 4D wheel aligners we have on offer to you and your team. The beauty of the the on-site demonstration is that you can see the wheel alignment equipment working seamlessly with your existing garage equipment.

Can you afford NOT to be involved in this fast market?

Book Your Free On-site Demo Now Call
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The 4 Step Process To A Profit Boosting Wheel Alignment System
Expert Advice
A free consultation offering advise on the best wheel alignment options available.
No Obligation Quotation
We will send you a competitive quotation based on your requirements.
Supply & Installation
Our professional engineers will deliver and install your new wheel alignment system.
First Class Support
A comprehensive manufacturer guarantee all backed up with our expert support.
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