Garage Equipment Leasing and Finance

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Garage Equipment Finance and Leasing Options 

There is a good reason why just under 30% of all fixed capital investment is made using the leasing option.

AWE have Partnered with Tower Leasing

Offering a range of finance options that make acquiring equipment simple, tax efficient and affordable.

100% Tax Efficient

Every payment made on a lease is 100% tax allowable – this could significantly reduce your tax bill.

Conserve Your Cash Flow

Keep your valuable cash in the bank and let the equipment pay for itself as you use it.

Ownership of Equipment

At the end of the agreement you can obtain ownership of the equipment for a small one off payment.

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Benefits of Leasing Garage Equipment

There are several good reasons and collectively they make a compelling case for lease finance being an excellent alternative to outright cash purchase.

One misconception that leasing still suffers from is that it is not cost-effective, in addition to the benefits leasing brings it competes very well in simple monetary terms. Leasing can indeed prove its case on cost-effectiveness grounds.  

Leasing Garage Equipment Example

Company A is looking to purchase new equipment for its business. The supplier has offered them two options, either to buy the equipment outright or to utilise a lease option

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